In what ways can Hopeful Hearts help grieving family members?

Statistics show that one in 20 children will lose a parent before his or her 18th birthday. When a loved one dies, children experience two types of loss: primary and secondary. Primary loss is the actual physical loss of a person. Secondary loss involves:

Both children and adults do the best in coping with grief with the support of family and peers. Hopeful Hearts peer support program addresses the unique grieving process that each individual goes through.

Family Session Nights Agenda


Families meet for a light meal and fellowship


Opening circle


Group sessions



Grieving family members meet every other week in age-appropriate support groups led by trained volunteers who help them through the grieving process.

Evenings begin with families gathering for a light meal and conversation. Then it's time for small groups. During this time, the children participate in activities that allow them to share their experiences, feelings, and memories of the person who has died.

Parents and guardians also meet and share their experiences and support each other in helping their children cope with the death.